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    Aerial Photography Services

    The absolute beauty of Hawaii can only truly appreciated when viewed from above. That is why we spend so much time in the sky trying to capture and share with you this unique beauty of Hawaii below us. We maintain the largest collection of current aerial photographs of the Hawaiian Islands. If you do not find what you looking for among the over 10,000 photos presently displayed on our site, contact us and we will go and shoot it for you!

    Aerial photography assignments:

    Using either an airplane or a helicopter we can fly to and photograph whatever property or subject you would like. What we would need from you is some way to allow us to identify the specific piece of land you want us to shoot. This can be a tax map key, a written physical description containing landmarks or even a place mark on GoogleEarth. Once you have given us this information we will use our charts to pinpoint it and wait for the next sunny day to fly out and get your photos for you. The cost for an aerial assignment of a single property in West Hawaii is $450.00. For this you will receive one 8x10 print of the image that best represents what you had asked for, contact sheets containing all of the other images we took during your flight and a CD holding all of the same images in a low resolution JPEG format. These smaller images are suitable for web usage. Reorders of enlargements of the other photos can be done via e-mail to us. A credit card number is required before we head to the airport and get in the plane.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What kind of aircraft do you use?
      We own a Piper Cherokee 160 airplane from which we shoot the majority of our aerial photos. For those assignments requiring a very low altitude or shooting video we use Robinson 22 helicopters chartered from Mauna Loa Helicopters.
    • Do you have a pilot and photographer along on each assignment?
      No, Brian does the flying and the photography. "Fly with one hand, shoot with the other and keep your head in the cockpit", says Brian. Flying an airplane safely while composing and shooting stunning photographs takes much practice and an acquired skill in both fields.
    • How did you take all of the circle island photos?
      Flying counter clockwise around each of the Hawaiian Islands at approximately 500 feet it took us a total fifteen days and 34 hours of flight time. Clicking one photo every two to three seconds resulted in 7,500 digital images displaying in great detail every inch of the entire coastline of the Hawaiian Islands.
    • What kind of camera do you use?
      The photos were taken with a Nikon D200 professional digital camera connected to a Garmin GPS unit. This allows us to have very high resolution digital images that contain accurate Latitude and Longitude and time information embedded in each photograph.
    • How soon after we contact you for an assignment can we expect to have the photos taken?
      Once we receive an assignment we try to fly the next day that clear skies are available. Fortunately here in Hawaii clear skies are the rule rather than the exception, so we should be able to get your photos in just a matter of days.
    • What altitude do you shoot your photos from?
      We can shoot from our plane any altitude between 500 feet and 14,500 feet. We use a helicopter for any assignments below 500 feet.
    • Can we fly along with Brian on the assignment?
      Unfortunately no. There is much 'Yanking and banking' going on when trying to get in position for the right photo and history has proven that passengers become quite uncomfortable and usually require a quick return to the airport.

    Aerial Photography Pricing
    Aerial assignment of a single property (West Hawaii)$ 450.00
    Aerial assignment of a single property (East Hawaii)$ 550.00
    Aerial assignment on islands other than the Big IslandCALL
    Additional properties photographed in the same general area$ 225.00
    Helicopter charter fee per hour$ 350/hr
    Helicopter photographers fee$ 350.00
    Additional CDs of an aerial assignment$ 45.00
    5 x 7 Enlargement$ 15.00
    8 x 10 Enlargement$ 30.00
    11 x 14 Enlargement$ 50.00
    16 x 20 Enlargement$ 100.00
    20 x 24 Enlargement$ 175.00
    Photos purchased as a digital fileCALL

    Please feel free to contact us at anytime to talk about your aerial photography needs.

    If you can't find the photo you want on our site, let us know and we will go take it for you!

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